A quick note about everything – and nothing.

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

I’m taking a moment to post a quick note.


I’ve updated the profile and decided, at last, to fully own this blog.  I’ve avoided it, ignored it, forgotten it, and finally accepted it.  I’ve crossed half of a continent to get to where I am now in my life.  It’s time I started acting like it.


In other news, I’ll very likely be using this blog as a posting board for artwork from my website, any craigslist postings I make, and so on.  I’ll also be picking up a professional Pintrest profile for the same purposes.  And maybe a Tumblr as well.   Who really knows what the next platform will be?


I do expect to start a side-blog specifically for customer experiences, and will probably add that to the about.me profile as well.


That’s all for the moment. More to come.