On Seattle (and Peace of Mind)

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently in the past few days with people both from Seattle and from the last place I lived.  The transition to the lifestyle up here in Seattle has been fun.  Different, but fun.

For starters, the wild blackberries everywhere are amazing.  They’re a beautiful city-wide resource that not enough people take advantage of, as far as I can tell.  The plants are all so lush and bright – the morning glories I found during the first week with my son were beautiful trumpets of white the size of my fist.

There are lakes and parks everywhere.  Granted, they aren’t free of their controversies (not every park has a public bathroom, for example), and a few of the lakes have a very explicit “Please do not swim here due to ______”.  Otherwise, it’s been fun to poke around and discover all of the things to see and do for free here.

OH! And the Tillamook Ice Cream up here is INCREDIBLE!  Why is this sumptuous ice cream and yogurt not available in the midwest?  The Oregon Strawberry yogurt, mixed with local raspberries and blackberries is to die for.  Seriously – Make a parfait.  Then imagine it sweeter and creamier.  Can you?  It’s delicious.

I won’t get started on the MOST unpleasant parts of moving – there were plenty of unpleasant things that started going on back in my previous city of residence just after we left.  I’d rather not wish away minor inconveniences in exchange for annoyed dialogue.  Suffice to say – moving anywhere was going to be “different”.  I’m so glad for everyone here who has made the transition easier.

More to chat about soon, I’ll bring some tea leaves and write a post somewhere out in the open.  I need to get my fingers writing on their own without a keyboard under them.  I think that may help my procrastination immensely.