On Staying Positive

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

There is a silver lining.  I can see it shimmer when the frozen February sunlight glazes the entire street with bright light, glistening off every surface and window.   It is in the double rainbow I have ridden beneath on a new bus route I had never taken before.  It can be found in the constellations that I see in the night sky when the clouds part briefly and rejoin in the night sky.

It is the rainy season here, the promise of lush, green summers in this deciduous rainforest known as the Emerald city.

It is the smile of my son.

There is a silver lining, and even as all of the rest of the world has fear and hate, anger and injustice, sorrow and longing, I will reach for the silver lining and hang on to that gossamer thread of hope like no tomorrow – because I have no other choice.

You can try to strip away my silver lining, but it will still be there, hidden away amongst a shielded layer, pulling just out of reach, and I cannot – will not – give up hope for something positive to come my way, and I will keep reaching for positive things.


So forgive me my sad smile, or my wistful eyes gazing at the reflection of the space needle on Lake Washington or South Lake Union.  Forgive me my headphones and loping step on the sidewalk as I move from one destination to another.  Forgive me my decision to try to make sense of the hurricane at home, and the frightening complications they will bring.


(As an aside:  Posts will, most likely, continue intermittently as they have been.)