The Shadow Knocks Twice

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

This week, my son and I are listening to The Shadow.  I heard about the Shadow when I was a teenager, looking into theatre and radio history.

I likely stumbled across it while learning about the radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.  I received a three-disc set of nine episodes from my beloved godmother a few years later, but never sought out the rest of the episodes as I had other things to review, and the internet was not the resource then as it is today.

I’ve been trying to decide when to introduce my seven-year-old to The Shadow, considering that he’s already been introduced to Batman, Superman, the Avengers, and other assorted Marvel and DC heroes. Thanks to assorted reasons, he’s already aware of adventure and death, so the context isn’t completely beyond him.

Kids are smarter than people think.

Some of the episodes are rich with noir, and Margot Lane runs the line between intrepid and damsel in distress.

I do love the episodes where Margot is there to lead the cavalry charge, few as they may be… I’ve begun to speculate that she may have inspired the DC Comic’s Lois Lane as well.   Maybe in a different universe they would have been related.  Who knows.

It really adds a different level of attention when watching Agent Carter episodes as well.

You can listen to the episodes here (and other places on the internet: