Part Deux: Resources Awareness

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

I’m praying that my luck continues to hold out on this one.

If one more person suggests 2-1-1 to me, I think I may just scream.  The BEST news: I’m not in limbo anymore.  If the Government thinks that I can take care of child care on my own, then I’m sure I’ll be just fine.  I hope.  And if not, then I have some hard choices to make.

I did, barely, find a care center for my son, but they could have just as easily told me no.  I am highly grateful to them.

In the meantime, I’ll point out something that was mentioned over and over to me.  Right now is open enrollment for pre-registration for care services next year.  It is also enrollment for summer cares.  If you are on the cusp financially, like I am, right now is the BEST time to pre-register.  Certain programs do offer scholarships for financially-strapped families, for example.

In addition: There are free camps out there.  They are half-day, and they are few and far between, but they do exist.  If I were working from home this summer, I might even be able to entertain that as an option.

Just to put it out there, a great database to look into camps (day, family, and other) would be here:

It seems to be a US nationwide search, and it turned up some really interesting results.

And, I know I’m harping on this, there need to be more resources for women (or men) that help PLACE children in a temporary before-and-after care in a post-crisis situation: just until things can be settled down.

What about all the mothers who DON’T put in personal leave?  What about the mothers who DON’T know what their options are?  Who is there for them when they go to seek it out?

So I did everything right, but in the end, I got lucky.  I’m just going to continue to hope for good things.