Why I Blog about Animation

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

I could just say,”Because storytelling is not just the written word”.

But that’s too simple.

I’m envious of animators.  I’m interested in them.  I’m excited by their films.  I’m intrigued by their creativity.  I’m captivated by their stories.  My brother’s an animator, so that’s also a thing.

We all see movies in our head and want to make them reality from time to time.  Animators have the skills to DO that.  It takes time, patience, and practice, just like any other skill.  I’ve heard people say that “Anyone could do it”.  (That does not mean that everyone does, or that every result is the same.)

In college, I snuck myself into an animation class somehow.  I’m not quite sure how, exactly. I had joined an Anime Club that was defunct during my first attempt at college, and the club president basically said that they were looking for people to take the class, that your major didn’t matter, and that they were looking for as many volunteers as possible to either join or turn up.

I reached out to the professor, since it was basically and Animation 102 course.  It turned into a humanities or gen ed credit, to go alongside my single Art/Creativity credit.  I was the only non-animation major there, and the whole thing led up to an animation-based festival named Kinematifest.

I would LOVE to get involved with something like that on a semi-professional level.  I created most of the online calendar invites, owned responsibility of the social media pages at the time, cannibalized the old PR documents to make new ones (not including the blurbs added by the professor), helped our team go down to “Show Me St. Louis” for the window, created a QR-coded flyer and-in the end-made paper swans out of some of the spare posters to leave around the campus.  The swans were about nine inches by nine inches – pretty monstrous for a paper swan.

The best part of being involved with Kinematifest was that I was being introduced to a whole world apart from what I had known as an English major, and at least half a world away from my management major.   I sat in on a Windsor McKay program about the start of animation – Gertie the dinosaur.  I watched Summer Wars.  I sat in on two panels specifically about video game design.

Even though animation doesn’t mesh with my current goals, and may never intersect with my career path, there are much worse hobbies to be had.  There are definitely worse trends to keep track of.

Animation comes in many forms.  Hand-drawn, 3-d, stop motion, and so on, and so forth.  I soft-launched a blog a few weeks ago specifically on anime, but didn’t want to talk about it here because I didn’t know how to justify it.

So the secret’s out.

I’ll post things here from time-to-time about animation, and I’ll try to keep most of my gushing over on my anime blog from here on out, but I’m scheduling one specifically for “Sita Sings the Blues” on this blog.  I’ll also turn off the auto-toggle that posts my animation updates immediately to my Linkedin feed.   You know, unless something amazing happens.

(P.S. Sorry about last week, folks. Adult coloring books? Not my preferred debut Linkedin post for this blog.)