Spider Tango!

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

(Just in case it’s necessary – Trigger warning for Arachnaphobes goes here )

Not too long ago, my husband coined the term “Spider Dating”.

My son and his dad were talking about spiders this time of year.  In September, it’s spider season in Seattle.  All of the spiders build webs between August and September, where the mosquito and bug population is at its greatest and, as my husband put it, “All the spiders go out looking for dates”.

Sometime around this conversation, I named the three spiders I scared off my back porch by doing crafts (here one day, terrified and gone the next- So long, Bob, Francesca, and Indigo).  I’ve also named the two that popped up by my doorway and their new friend: Bouncer, Gladys, and Dominique.

I told my son they were my pet spiders.

“Do you let them in the house?”

“No, No. They are outside pets.”

“Ahhhh.”  He paused. “Do you feed them?”

“No, they’re pretty self-sufficient. My light attracts the bugs that keep them fed.”

He nodded.

Spider Resources –

If you live in Seattle or the greater northwest, you’ll see an abundance of webs and cobwebs this time of year.  Just remember, those eight-legged critters are mostly just doing their best to keep out of your way.

Here’s a handy guide of venomous spiders, just in case:

Venomous Spiders of the Washington Area

A quick-glance map of where venomous spiders typically call home

And here’s a spider date for the most romantic of spider lovers.  This little cutie isn’t venomous or from the Pacific Northwest, but is pretty showy:


And here’s his brother cosplaying as General Grievous, because why not:

(The note on the video says that this was rotoscoped.  Well done!)

Happy Spider-tember everyone!