A Quick-Ref on Pitching:

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

Nobody teaches you to pitch in college.

Let’s just be clear on this for a moment.

From my experience, which may or may not be typical:

  • NOBODY is going to teach you to pitch your article, your play, your musical, or your poetry collection, unless a professor is aware and steps in to include a segment in their class.
  • I’ve been in creative writing classes in High School and College.
    • Nobody suggested it would be a NECESSARY thing to learn.
    • Nobody suggested it was an IMPORTANT thing to learn.
    • Nobody even suggested it was REQUIRED in order to move from personal writing to professional writing.
  • Having an editor or a manager was recommended.
  • Submitting your work to as many sources as possible was recommended.

So you get left to your own devices.

While this list is not perfect, and will eventually be full of broken links, I have a comprehensive list of suggestion palettes of how to pitch and how not to pitch.  This list is based on article pitching: pitching short stories and novels have a slightly different format, and I haven’t dug into short story pitching for a while.  I’ll try to revisit those soon.

Things to think about when considering your Pitch:

Have you pitched articles before?  Do you have any suggestions for budding writers or college grads?  What was your best or worst experience as a writer?  Going to give these a try?  Leave a comment with your experience.  I’d love to hear your story!