The Mountain is Out Today

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

Every local area has its own idiosyncrasies, phrases, and quirks.  I think my favorite one in Seattle is “The Mountain is Out Today”.

Definition: To look at the crystal clear sky, free of haze, free of rain, free of mild fog and see a crisp view of a mountain against the cool blue sky.

The mountain does not have to be snow-capped, but it helps pull it away in contrast.

It is most often used in reference to “Mount Rainer” but there are “the sisters” and also the Everett mountain range.

One fifth of everyone that I’ve met out here knows this phrase or has used this phrase at least once in my presence.  It’s complete, it’s simple, and brings to mind a beautiful maiden stepping out of her house to walk the tree-lined streets:  The Mountain is beautiful, the mountain is not hiding, the mountain is really there, the mountain is out today.