A note on writing…

by V. Buritsch-Tompkins

Although I blog intermittently on here, I wanted to take a second to share a new facet to my life… Freelancing.

Something stuck when I pitched to the Everett Herald in October, and I’m extremely blessed to have had three articles approved for publication.  The page to access my articles on Heraldnet is live, and can be found here.

Two are live to correlate with the second run of the articles in the paper copy of The Daily Herald. The original run is in The Herald Business Journal, free to the public and available at the top of the month at various locations such as the Everett Public Library, the Sno-isle library locations, even at QFC.  

My next article is a visit with a brick-and-mortar Franchisee with an Expedia subsidiary: and more to come.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty amazing.

Have a great month, and may amazing things happen to you, too, wherever you are.