Actual Update: September 2017

by V. Buritsch

In June, my rent outstripped my income.  I missed a payment. I was nearly evicted.  I put in my notice.

I also took part in my first art show since moving out to Seattle.  It was amazing.  As an aside: I didn’t actually sell anything, but my brother pretty much insisted to take it as an experience (and report back).  What I learned: Bring prints with you if you do an art show.  Come hell or high water, bring prints.  Stand near your stuff.  Get Critique from other artists before you go and during the show.

In July, I moved over the course of two days out of one apartment (barely) and into a new one.

I also reminded myself that I am not alone, visited at least three restaurants I had never been to before, and decided that I’m probably going to have a LONG time before I can mentally handle dating again.

In August, I finally cleaned my mom’s china cabinet and found a home for it.  It is now a bookshelf.  This is after it has been sitting in storage room after storage room, waiting for me to add two panes of glass.  No panes necessary now, just easy book access.

I also saw the end of a long-running commitment to an elderly member of my son’s family, as she moved into a group home.  Arguably the hardest decision my mother-in-law has had to make since moving out to Seattle with all of us, which was likely equally as hard.

In September, I bought a key at an antiques shop that magically fits the cabinet.

I can’t wait to see what unlocks next.