Where I have been; Where I am now.

by V. Buritsch

This has been a somewhat complicated post to think about.

Last winter, for reasons I don’t yet feel comfortable sharing, I entered myself for care and treatment in a hospital. I learned a lot from the experience, including a few things about myself that technically place me under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I’ve been having nightmares about how to explain it to my extended family and friends. There are a large percentage of people I’ve spoken to that have encouraged me to remain silent about my diagnosis during interviews and meeting new people. Alternately, those within the community say that being forthcoming about my mental health is typically well-received.

The stigma is real.

On a personal note, I’ve temporarily moved back to St. Louis to get my head on straight, as much as I can, and save up to move back to the Pacific Northwest. This means searching for volunteer opportunities, finding a new job (or Disability), and figuring out how to never have a tailspin like the one I experienced last winter.

I’m cut off from my child but feel lucky that there are wonderful people here that know what I’m experiencing and are willing to help me learn.

Time for “V. Moves Out On Her Own – Part II”, whatever that looks like, hopefully this year.

If you, or someone you love is living with mental health concerns, check out the National Alliance of Mental Health for your state’s resources. I was provided a list of Missouri resources by a case worker and it helped me immensely with some of the more overwhelming aspects of just… what to do next.